Mountain Movers are legacy driven, self-motivated, individuals who are striving to change lives. There has been a lack of unity in our community, which continues to destroy our history. Our Mountain Movers membership program was designed to connect generations so that we can share wisdom and knowledge. While sharing, we equip our youth with the tools needed to move mountains for those to follow. Mountain Movers help OCE instill values and character in our youth and give them a fighting chance to accomplish their dreams.

A Mountain Mover is someone that understands working against the odds and has vowed to make a difference in the lives of others. They clear the pathway so others can be greater. This person can be a parent, a teacher, a friend, family members, or mentors. They are special because the give you hope, not only in how they make you feel, but also through the way they live their life. They are advocates and fight for what is right. Love, peace, and unity are among their core values and they would give their last to support the greater cause. If you are or know someone who could be considered a Mountain Mover, submit their name to Our Chance Enterprise.

What Do Mountain Movers Do?

  • They are involved in the community though volunteerism.
  • They invest in the community through donations to OCE and other organizations.
  • They facilitate events that help build the family structure.
  • They motivate and empower the people around them by sharing their experience and knowledge.
  • They are ambassadors for Our Chance Enterprise.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Mountain Mover?

  • There is a discount for members on all Our Chance programs for kids.
  • You will receive a member jacket after meeting all requirements.
  • You will have voting power on major impact projects.
  • There will be opportunities to network or speak at events.
  • You will have a wealth of support to aid your cause.
  • You will have access to a database of resources.
  • You will have the opportunity to become a part of OCE’s Board of Directors.
  • Your work will be a part of OCE’s archived records.
  • You become a mentor for kids and their families and receive community recognition for the work you do in the community.

How Can I Become A Mountain Mover?

  • You become a member through appointment or vote.
  • You pay the membership dues.
  • Attend the orientation for members where you will meet the CEO, Board Chair, Director of the Mission Department, other members, and the person who will be your point of contact.
  • Attend meetings and events to stay informed about what OCE is doing and how you can continue to help.

What Comes With My Donation?

  • Members receive a package with the following items:
  • A letter from the organization
  • Polo shirt with the organization logo
  • Calendar of events with corporate, mentoring, and community involvement projects